Australian National Schools Rugby Forum–8th and 9th December 2017 –Sydney

This is the first national, open Schools Rugby Forum to be held in Australia.

It is occurring in the context of the ongoing development and implementation of the National Schools Rugby Strategic Plan (NSS)

It will be open to all those from schools interested in rugby, those holding rugby related or coordinating positions—as well as to key people from the ARU and other senior rugby bodies.

It will have three main strands—educative, informative ,participative.

It will be a unique and valuable opportunity to influence rugby in schools—its maintenance, development ,safety, resourcing and potential new areas.

It will take place in the educational context that is a school –looking at changes in schools that are influencing the way sport is occurring there.

Key Considerations

–that there be a wide range of participants from all school sectors—State, Catholic, Private.

–that the Forum be as widely advertised as possible, including on social media

–that all participants become fully involved in the preparation for, and discussions during, the forum

–that schools rugby is celebrated for what it does for the education, involvement and ongoing participation of young people in rugby

–the assistance of all in schools who are Convenors, Sports Directors–and those who have attended the Consultations in 2016 and this year– is needed to ensure the Forum has the widest possible attendance and that it achieves its aims.

Concrete Aims

–that the National Schools Strategic Plan undergo further clear development as a result of the Forum

–that schools and senior rugby bodies develop significant understandings of the roles of each in rugby

–that participants learn significant new things about rugby—its safety and its playing

–that the schools voice in determining their needs for rugby in schools is clearly articulated and heard by senior rugby bodies

–the senior rugby bodies come to an appreciation of the immense resource that is the schools in rugby in Australia

–that the views of schools as to how best to develop rugby in schools are stated and heard.

–that appropriate methods of ongoing consultation are developed and agreed to by all parties.





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