Dates for Championships, Meetings and Tours have bee set for next year for the Australian Schools Rugby Union

ASRU  Dates for 2018

  1. Applications called for 2018 positions—November 2017


  1. Applications close for positions—mid February –tbc


  1. AGM and Committee meeting

–March 17th and 18th

  1. Foundation Luncheon

Luncheon –Friday 13th April


  1. Division 1 Championships


–7th  to 14th July

week most common to states


  1. Gold Coast Schools Rugby Carnival

–Division 2

–7th to 15th July

  1. NZ Incoming Tour—possible games–Brisbane


Term 3 ends on 29th September for most States

Games 1—Monday 1st October

–Australia v Tonga

NZ v Australian Barbarians

Games 2—Friday 5th  October

–Australia v New Zealand

— Australian Barbarians v Tonga

  1. Committee Meeting

27th / 28th October

  1. UK / Ireland Tour

Year 12 concluded for all by about 16th / 1th November

21st November—Assemble

25th November—depart for Ireland

17th December—depart for Australia


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