The ASRU Division 2 Championships will be held at Runway Bay on the Gold Coast as part of the Gold Coast Rugby Carnival (GCRC) from 6th to 12th July

This year a representative team will be selected from the Division 2 Teams of Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania.

This team will be know as the Division 2 Schools Barbarians Team and will play the NSW Under 18 team who will also be in the GCRC. They will be presented with Barbarian ties and a Barbarians type jersey.

They will also play against the Team from The Associated Schools (TAS)–a group  of rugby playing schools north of Brisbane–as well as individual schools participating in the GCRG..

Division 2 has had a long history in the Australian Schools Rugby Union–especially when Victoria and Western Australia were part of it. Those two teams more recently have been playing in Division 1.

In 1992 a Division 2 team toured Japan and in 1999 again a Div 2 team toured–this time to NZ. Until Victoria and WA went into Division1 a Division 2 team was always selected to play a game after the Championships

So this year sees a resurrection of that practice.

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