The Sanix Tournament in Japan each year has 8 top Japanese and 8 top schools from other countries playing in a 7 day tournament.

It is held in late April in what the Japanese call “Golden WeeK’–which is when they concentrate their public holidays for all of Japan and for the year.

The participating overseas schools have to find their fares to and from Japan, but after that Sanix pick up all costs.

Japan usually invite a school from each of these countries every year–Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and

They expect each country to pick s very strong school–preferably their top school–NZ do in fact have a national First XV Competition which they send each year. Others pick as strong a team as they can from the applicants.

The other countries who have been at Sanix in recent years include–
-South Korea, Russia, France, Samoa, Fiji, Russia, Taiwan,Singapore, Tonga, Hong Kong
–showing the spread of rugby in the Asian area.

The criteria for selection in Australian include–
–as far as possible– a school which has not been there before
–as the above indicates, as strong a school as possible, to respect the hosts criteria.

Waverley College has not been before and in 2018 were CAS Premiers and were a close second this year.

Four schools applied this time–and the absence of schools other than Waverley is explained by the fact that they did not apply.

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