Australians Schools Rugby Union Foundation

In 1969, an Australian Schools Team visited South Africa. The first Schools Tour. In 1973 they went to the United Kingdom. Australian Rugby has been enriched by them.

In 1975, A Board of Advisors from outside the schools was formed to offer support to Australian Schools Players. The Australian Schools Rugby Union Foundation (Foundation) followed in 1985 under an ACT Ordinance, and became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 1995.

Rugby Australia’s (RA) first Grant to the Schools was $50,000 in 1977 – $133,000 in 2018 values. . As its revenue rose, Schools Grants increased. At its peak, they enabled the Schools to have a Full Time Administrator. This was of substantial benefit; it relieved pressure on school teachers in the administration of (Incoming and Outgoing) Tours, Championships and general management.

Since 2002, RA has consistently reduced the level of Schools Funding, as it managed its own circumstances. This is ongoing. RA requested a Memorandum of Understanding for a new financial direction. RA Funding was to be reduced. The Foundation would cover the shortfall by drawing down its Funds. When Foundation Funds were exhausted, RA undertook to return to an appropriate level of Schools Funding. Unfortunately, they were not able to fulfil the undertaking.

Fortunately, the Foundation did not agree to its extinction. A minimum level of $300,000 was retained. That still meant that the Depletion of Capital was $800,000.

The following calculations are expressed in Dollar values as of today – 2018. They are based on my recollection as I was involved in nearly all of them. They are not exact – are probably more than what is stated. They are reconstructed given my knowledge of events, and my direct involvement with them, both as RA Treasurer, and Schools financial adviser.

Financial Support and Personal Assistance from the Foundation has been considerable since 1973 (pre-set up). It is defined in three ways;

[1] Financial Grants
Over 41 years, my estimate is that no less than $4,800,000 has been granted to the Schools.

[2] Goods and Services in Kind.
There have been Team Farewells, Gear, Playing Equipment , Travel, etc. Ken Grover was a pioneer. Guy Reynolds and the Macquarie Bank continue the tradition. Hard to quantify. My estimate is that it is about $1,100,000.

[3] Personal Support
This is not able to be quantified, but is very significant.

The Foundation has contributed not less than $5,900,000 to Australian Schools.

The Foundation is now focussed on having not less than $100,000 available every two years to support Tours to the Northern Hemisphere. This is in addition to its other administration assistance to the Schools.

ADMINISTRATOR 30 August 2018

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