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Murrays Coaches Australian Schools Rugby Championships

Draw 2019

Riverview College , Sydney

9th to 13th July


Pool A—NSW 1, QLD 2, ACT, Cavalier Barbarians

Pool B—QLD 1, NSW 2, Victoria ,Cavalier Combined States

Tuesday 9th—GAME DAY 1 1—10.00 a.m. A1 v A2—N1 v Q2
2—11.30 a.m. B1  v B2—Q1 v N2
3—1.00 p.m. A3  v A4—ACT v CavBB
4—2.30 p.m. B3  v B4—Vic v Com States
Wed 10th—DAY 2–REST DAY
Thur 11th   GAME DAY 3 5—10.00 a.m. WINNER 1 v WINNER 3
6—11.30 a.m. WINNER 2 v WINNER 4
7—1.00 p.m. LOSER 1 v  LOSER 3
8—2.30p.m. LOSER 2 v  LOSER 4
Friday 12th – DAY 4 REST DAY
Sat 13th –DAY 5–FINALS 9—8.45 a.m. LOSER 7 v LOSER 8

For 7th place

10—-10.00 am WINNER 7 v WINNER 8

For 5th place

11—11.15 am LOSER 5 v LOSER 6

For 3rd place

12—12.30pm WINNER 5 v WINNER 6

For 1st place



2.30 p.m. RAMSEY HALL



  1. See Competition Rule below if a draw– to determine who goes on
  2. In the Final—if it is a draw the two Team are declared Co-Winners

In the event that two teams are equal in their pool match , the winner will be determined using the following ordered protocol:-


  1. The team that scored the greater number of tries in that game
  2. If the number of tries scored are equal, then the team that scored the first try
  3. If no tries are scored, then the team that had the least number of red and yellow cads
  4. If the above cannot distinguish between the teams the President of ASRU or his representative, will conduct a “draw from a hat” to determine the Finalist.
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