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Schools Rugby Luncheon and the 1969 Team

Schools Rugby Luncheon and the 1969 Team

The 50th year reunion of the first ever Australian Schoolboys Rugby Team from 1969 took place at a very successful fundraising Luncheon for Schoolboys Rugby recently.

One photograph shows the team members present– with a large photo taken of them in 1969.

The other shows the five team members who were interviewed by Rugby media guru—Gordon Bray—the four Wallabies who came from the team and the Captain.

They are—from the left—Greg Cornelsen , Russell Fairfax , Peter Robinson , Jim Hindmarsh , Steve Finnane

The Luncheon was successful at several levels—financially very valuable for the Australian Schools Rugby Union , it was highly entertaining with the interviews of the 1969 Team members and also with the hilarious comedian—Darren Carr—and as a social and rugby event.

There was a high level of support across the rugby community at the Luncheon—including from two previous CEOs of Rugby Australia—John O’Neill and Bill Pulver who each took a table.

The Chairman of the Schools Rugby Foundation –David Mortimer– spoke of the needs and of the importance of schools rugby in the Australian Rugby scene.

The newly installed President of the ASRU—Tim Cleary—drew attention to the spread of rugby into schools across Australia and of the vulnerability of this– if schools experienced conflicting demands on their students. He mentioned the efforts of Rugby Australia to work with schools and the ASRU.

Members of the 1969 Australian Schools Team at their 50th Anniversary reunion

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